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Stained Wood – Here’s Why It’s Making a Comeback

Date: October 24, 2023 Categories: Custom Cabinets

At Holland’s Custom Cabinets, we’re experts at the art of transforming wood cabinetry and furniture using stain. Wood stain finishes  can elevate the natural grain of any wood, adding depth and tone, and drawing out unique characteristics and patterns. But did you know that staining finish wood can also be used to hide unattractive grain patterns by altering the wood’s hue?  Stain’s versatility is one of the reasons it’s one of our top choices for cabinet and furniture finishes. Wood stain techniques have been used by woodworkers and cabinetmakers for centuries. Stain is a favored treatment for anything made of…... Read Article

Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Bathroom Vanity
What Affects the Timeline of Your Cabinetry Project? 

Date: October 23, 2023 Categories: Custom Cabinets, Kitchen

Here at Holland’s Custom Cabinets, we often get requests from clients looking to squeeze their cabinetry project into an incredibly tight window. In our experience, this is usually to meet a hard deadline. Maybe they’re hosting Christmas brunch and want to wow friends and family with their brand-new kitchen.  While we always look forward to delighting our customers by delivering ahead of schedule, as reputable, honest custom cabinet makers we sometimes have to dole out a bit of harsh truth. It’s never a good idea to rush a cabinetry project.  From design to manufacturing to installation, a lot of hard…... Read Article

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Keeping You in the Know: Navigating Seasonal/Year-End Production Challenges

Date: October 20, 2023 Categories: Custom Cabinets

Enlarge Image or View PDF Holland’s Custom Cabinets cherishes the relationships we’ve cultivated with clients, contractors, and suppliers over the more than 40 years since our founding. Your trust and loyalty mean the world to us, and we believe in transparency when it comes to crucial information that might affect any ongoing projects you have with us or projects you’re thinking of starting soon. Busiest Time of Year We currently find ourselves operating amidst the hustle and bustle characteristic of this time of year, every year—especially as we approach the fall and winter holidays. This period is traditionally our busiest…... Read Article

Exploring Cabinet INTERIOR CHOICES for Your Home: Plywood vs. Melamine

Date: October 19, 2023 Categories: Custom Cabinets

For many homeowners, choosing plywood vs. melamine for furniture or cabinets in a home or office can be difficult. There are an abundance of similar-looking materials on the market, which can make decisions increasingly complex for uninformed consumers. Modern cabinet-makers use a variety of materials to construct cabinets, ranging from traditional, solid wood, to thermally infused laminate (TFL), to plywood, melamine material, and others. Knowing the unique features as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using these various materials for refreshing used cabinets or building new ones is vital. Holland’s Custom Cabinets believes the best clients are well-informed ones.…... Read Article

Some TLC for Your TFL Cabinets: Maintenance and Repair Tips

Date: October 19, 2023 Categories: Custom Cabinets

Thermally Infused Laminate (TFL) cabinets represent a smart investment for homeowners looking to spruce up their living spaces. TFL is a high-quality solution great for vertical and horizontal interior designs, with patterns and textures available that look like genuine wood.  TFL cabinets are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches, moisture, and stains. They also rarely chip or peel when the edges are banded correctly.  Like any item in the home, though, TFL cabinets do require a little TLC from time to time. The experts at Holland’s Custom Cabinets have put together the following TFL cabinet care guide on how to…... Read Article

Reeded, Beaded, and Thin Shaker Cabinet Doors Offer a Unique Look with a Tactile Aesthetic

Date: October 18, 2023 Categories: Cabinet Style

Eyes are said to be the gateway to the soul. In much the same way, doors can be seen as the portals to the personality and style of custom cabinets. While there are many styles to choose from, Holland’s Custom Cabinets sees three styles currently among the most popular for clients seeking an elegant and timeless look: reeded, beaded, and thin shaker style cabinet doors. Each offers a distinct and tactile aesthetic that adds character and sophistication to custom cabinets. However, their unique design means crafting them is challenging and exacting work. It takes a quality cabinet maker like Holland’s—someone…... Read Article

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Reconstituted vs. Natural Veneers: Making an Informed Choice for Your Furniture 

Date: September 29, 2023 Categories: Custom Cabinets

There’s something special about wooden furniture. It’s the perfect blend of nature, durability, uniqueness, and style. When you touch it, you can feel its history and character. That’s special. Here’s the catch, though. Genuine hardwood pieces are expensive. The average price of solid wood furniture ranges between a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, based on the size, craftsmanship, and materials. But there’s hope for the budget conscious. For those who want the aesthetic appeal of wooden furniture without the big price tag, wood veneers represent a viable option. Understanding Veneers: Reconstituted and Natural  What are veneers? Wood veneers…... Read Article

Rift-Cut White Oak: An Investment in Lasting Beauty and Functionality

Date: September 28, 2023 Categories: Materials

Crafting custom cabinets that are timeless, visually stunning, and highly functional requires skill, expertise, and the use of high-quality materials. At Holland’s Custom Cabinets, we take great pride in our work and ability to meticulously hand select materials that are right for the job. One material that has always been popular with cabinetmakers and homeowners alike is oak. In recent years, one type of oak has garnered increased attention for its distinct grain pattern and remarkable durability: rift-cut white oak. What is the allure of this cut of wood for custom cabinets? Why has rift-cut white oak become the preferred…... Read Article

The Rise of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Custom Cabinets Solutions for Green Living

Date: August 23, 2023 Categories: Custom Cabinets

Using sustainable materials for furniture, home décor, and other daily needs is one way to make how you live more  environmentally friendly. With growing environmental awareness comes greater demand for eco-friendly furniture. Spending on the global eco-friendly furniture market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 8.6%, from $3.26 billion in 2022 to $83.76 billion by 2030. That makes eco-friendly furniture one of the fastest-growing markets worldwide.  Installing sustainable kitchen cabinets is one of the best ways to embrace eco-friendly furnishings. Unlike traditional custom cabinets, they don’t contribute to deforestation and pollution. These custom cabinets are made with recycled and responsibly sourced…... Read Article

Declutter Your Closet: Organizing Tips for a Tidy and Functional Space

Date: August 21, 2023 Categories: Closets

Does your typical morning routine involve rummaging through a chaotic closet searching for that perfect outfit or pair of shoes? If yes, you should do something about reclaiming your closet space (and restoring your sanity)!  One place to start is to declutter your closet. Tidy and functional closet space tends to bring peace and save precious minutes every morning. Closet organization has numerous benefits beyond mere aesthetics. Imagine having easy access to all of your clothing, neatly arranged and categorized. You’ll no longer have to dig through piled-up or tangled hangers to find what you need when you need it.…... Read Article

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