Rift White Oak Kitchen Cabinets in La Jolla

White Cabinets, Light Colors Optimize Space

Tired of what they felt was wasted space in their old, outdated, and cramped kitchen—which saw them storing many kitchen items in other areas of their home—these homeowners were seeking a kitchen upgrade to match the look and feel of their upscale, coastal home.

Working with Holland’s, the clients were able to replace cabinets from the previous configuration, which was practically unusable, with white uppers and muted-color bases to create a striking look to enhance the feeling of open space.

While the homes existing walls remained, the entire kitchen and adjoining living room were renovated.



White was chosen as the primary color for this kitchen redo to lighten an otherwise dark room, making it the new focal point for the home.

A light-stained wood color was chosen to compliment the floor as well as provide visual contrast without overly darkening the space, which can make already tight spaces feel even more cramped.

Brass fixtures, sporting a brushed or tarnished finish, are a fun throwback to the 1950s mid-century modern style and add a pop of color the elegance of straight lines throughout.

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Modern storage solutions provide innovative ways for the homeowners to store all of the kitchenware and gadgets in the kitchen, which they were never able to do before.

Highlights include a full pull-out custom tableware drawer, kitchen gadget drawer with dedicated storage, undercounter and wall cabinet pantry space, a write-on wipe-off nook, as well as a recessed island towel rack.