Modern High Gloss White Cabinets In Encinitas

Easy to Clean, Simple, Yet Elegant Look

When building a new home from the ground up, choosing cabinetry and storage options is one of the most important choices homeowners face. These clients wanted a kitchen they could work and play in—an open design with plenty of seating, room to entertain, and lots of counter space and storage. They also wanted to maximize storage in their pantry and laundry areas, both of which were limited in space.

We addressed those challenges in creative ways with cabinet systems and features that provided the desired storage and functionality.

The clients were also tired of the dark kitchen from their previous home. They wanted white, modern cabinets with a high gloss finish—something that was easy to clean and simple, yet elegant. While we could have sourced the materials from Europe (at a premium), instead we worked with a local manufacturer using the same materials. This meant we were able to provide highly competitive pricing and greater service response time due to the “hometown” factor.

Kitchen • Bathroom • Laundry Room • Built-In


Acrylic, white, high gloss cabinets plus handle free upper panels give this kitchen a bright, modern, and elegant look that’s easy to clean!

We opted for an appliance panel on the dishwasher to proive the sense of a larger kitchen by not breaking up the run of cabinets.

The space also features two sets of double trash cans: one set for recyclables and entertaining at the island, one set near the cooktop for the chef.

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Carrying the look and feel of the kitchen cabinetry into the bathroom, we went with tall doors under the sink areas, no dummy fronts, and cleaner/less busy cabinet faces featuring horizontal handles to created clean lines with the counters and other surfaces.

The narrow doors, with adjustable shelving behind them, allowed us to utilize all available space (no need for vertical spacers).

In the master bath, we utilized custom pullout hampers plus custom cabinets to make the most of a small, narrow niche.

Laundry Room

The goal of this laundry room design was to maximize storage and functionality. Complete with a laundry sink and large open counter surface for laying out laundry and folding, we also included an easy-to-use pullout unit for under-counter hamper storage and a pullout ironing board, resulting in less clutter.

Custom, under-cabinet LED lighting illuminates the work surface.

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Because this home lacked adequate space for a walk-in pantry, we created 8-foot-tall cabinets using custom door stiffeners from Europe.

This allowed us to build oversized, adjustable pantry shelves and rollout shelving for access to hard-to-see low items. The rollouts also double for kitchen appliance storage and other heavy items.