Modern High Gloss White Cabinets In Del Mar

Modern, Minimalistic, and Super Functional

These new homeowners tore their new home back to the studs. Looking for an ultra-modern, clean look, these clients—two doctors—were after a high gloss, white-on-white look. They wanted a handles-free, minimalistic look throughout.

Working with Holland’s, we were able to provide the modern look and functionality they wanted in ways that did not sacrifice storage or utility.

We installed Aventos lifts to make retrieving items from cabinets quick and effortless (including a servo drive trash can), while all doors and drawers use self-closing Tip-On touch latches.

Even in the garage, where we used handles on the cabinet panels and drawers, the hardware is horizontal and subtle.

Kitchen • Bathroom • Office • Garage


The clients desired a kitchen that was sleek, minimalistic, functional, and still made a statement with lots of counter space. By using Aventos lifts, including a servo drive trash can, retrieving items from cabinets is quick and effortless. So, too, is putting them back.

All doors and drawers are handle-free and easy to clean. They feature self-closing Tip-On touch latches for a truly seamless look.

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This bathroom offers an ultra-modern, spa look. The hardware-free cabinetry is sleek, seamless, and easy to clean.

Two basin sinks and plenty of counter space add to the overall appeal and functionality of the space.


The clients were seeking a functional office space that could store a large collection of books while maintaining the sleek, minimalistic look and feel of the kitchen and bathroom cabinetry. To achieve the look, we custom-built shelves on-site plus crafted a workspace featuring a large countertop and hardware free drawers.

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The clients desired a garage that maximized storage and organization, but in a way that retained the seamless and clean look already achieved in their home.

We custom-built an L-shaped bank of floor-to-ceiling cabinets to provide plenty of storage, while we placed horizontal pulls on the doors all at the same level, to preserve the minimalistic look.


Keeping with the home’s overall theme of simplicity and minimalism, closet cabinets were designed to optimize storage space, maximize functionality, and preserve the white, high gloss look and feel.

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