Modern Walnut Grain Matched Kitchen Cabinets In Encinitas

Custom Cabinets, Kitchen Island, and Pantry Fit this New Kitchen’s Unique Footprint

This renovation gutted a house that was in bad shape and turned it into a highly customized home reflecting the unique tastes of its owners. As part of the renovation, the homeowners added a balcony and porch for ocean viewing, plus remodeled everything, including the kitchen.

While the clients had a clear idea of where they were going before they approached Holland’s—which included a deep love of walnut and its strong grain, as well as the requirement that their new bar be able to fit their favorite tequila bottle!—we were able to add value by designing the custom cabinets, kitchen island, and pantry storage to fit their new kitchen’s unique footprint.


The new cabinetry featured the dark walnut grain so desired by the clients, seamless cabinet and drawer faces with minimal hardware, and a large island with built-in bar storage (big enough for a certain tequila bottle!).

The cabinetry also integrated several new, modern kitchen appliances and offered significantly more cabinet and storage space than their previous kitchen.

The result was an update to the overall look, more storage (including a pantry area with large drawers), and an improved overall layout.

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